Killswitch Engage – ‘Incarnate’ [Review]

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate - Review

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Since Alive Or Just Breathing dropped in 2002, Killswitch Engage have been rightly hailed as the kings of metalcore. Their signature sound is not only unmistakable, but massively influential even fourteen years later. Through lineup changes and a beyond-harsh range of personal struggles, Killswitch Engage have never been disengaged.


This being a Killswitch Engage album, you no doubt already know what to expect. These guys define metalcore simply by existing, and it’s no surprise to press play and find yourself smacked in the chops by Killswitch’s collective chops. Frantic riffage, pummeling beatdowns, flawless harmonies, tastefully placed lead lines, fuck-I’m-being-chainsawed-in-the-ballsack screams, surgically precise production given just enough room to breathe…Incarnate has it all.

Scratch below the surface, and you’ll find the warmly beating Red Bull-fuelled heart that has always been Killswitch Engage’s secret weapon – and the missing element that their imitators frequently dismiss in favour of “moar brutulz”. According to psychological research, post-traumatic growth is officially a Real Thing – and Incarnate is an ideal soundtrack for lives marked or defined by the desire to make something good out of something bad.

See personal album highlights Strength Of The Mind and Triumph Through Tragedy for evidence – but don’t go cherry-picking them. Incarnate is impressively consistent, and it’s on-record proof that Killswitch Engage still have what it takes to excite, encourage, and inspire.

TMMP RATING: 90% (Essential Listening!)

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Posted on 11 March 2016

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