Dinosaur Pile-Up – ‘Eleven Eleven’ [Review]

Dinosaur Pile Up

If you’re the sort of person for whom massive riffs are more essential than basic nutrients, Dinosaur Pile-Up will provide way more than your five a day.

On top of those ass-kicking slabs of guitaristic catharsis (the best of which come into play during opener 11 11 and later cuts Anxiety TripBad Penny, and Willow Tree) lie no-bullshit lyrics targeting toxic relationships and mental health issues. Eleven Eleven is the kind of album that can be listened to from two main perspectives: either from the depths of immersion in serious shit, or from a place of relief and freedom – a place where albums like this make you look back at certain times and go “Wow – thank fuck I don’t have to deal with that anymore!”

In that sense, then, albums like this can act as a kind of life-barometer. Your reaction to this kind of music most likely indicates where you’re at, life-wise. It can indicate, in a manner clearer than the most sage advice anyone else can give you, whether you’re okay, or you need help.

Of course, if you realise you do need help, seek it – and consider the existence of albums like this proof that you’re not alone.

If you need me, I’ll be writing my first self-help book. Look out, Tony Robbins.


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Posted on 06 October 2015

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