Outside The Coma – ‘The Battle Of Being’ [Review]

Outside The Coma

Remember science class? Man, it was boring. Stuck staring at a textbook or a blackboard while the world’s most monotonic teacher droned on and on about everything from leaves to light.

You were interested in light, at least. Sunlight. The light from the sun shining outside, while you were kept out of it.

But one day, you got to experience something even cooler than escaping. You gathered around the teacher’s table with your friends, to watch a series of substances with arcane names go up in flames. Blinding lights; miniature explosions; the world’s most compact firework display.

After all the sleepy gloom that came before it, that lesson was imprinted on your memory forever. Even when it was over, you were still buzzing. Excited.

The Battle Of Being is just like that lesson.

Imagine the Prodigy, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Lostprophets, Tom Waits, Rob Zombie, Deftones, System Of A Down and SikTh jamming in zero-gravity while fuelled by IV-administered Red Bull, and you’re there. Every track brings something new to the table, while retaining just enough familiarity and accessibility to keep you from losing the plot completely. This is music at its most immersive, playful, vicious, sexy, fun, and vital.

In a world obsessed with Iced Gem-haired teen idols and jangly pap from half a century ago, Outside The Coma stand out by a few million light years. It’s likely to be an acquired taste for some – but that’s a good thing.

Remember: All great and groundbreaking music, from jazz to rock and punk to synthpop, was alien to everyone once. Addiction to instant gratification breeds boredom and apathy, but breaking out of a pre-programmed comfort zone can easily change all that. Your chance to grow is here, in the form of the play buttons below.

Press them and get started.


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Posted on 27 September 2015

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