Monuments / No Consequence / Toska [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 12/8/2015]


Progressive Promotions have great taste in bands. The lineup for this show was absolutely immense, kicking off with TMMP favourites Toska (92%). Regular readers will have already read many evangelical words about these guys – but they fucking deserve it. This time out, performance was prioritised over precision, resulting in one of the most intense, borderline apocalyptic Toska sets yet. A couple of mistakes were made, but who the fuck cares when the music is that epic?

Following Toska’s opening barrages has proven tough for some, but local legends No Consequence (88%) totally nailed it. Lining up classics like Coerce Conform and Bury The Debt alongside TMMP favourite Citizen and assorted other techy tunes from latest album Vimana, No Consequence came to melt faces – and I’m sure a few punters are contacting their solicitors hoping to get some compensation to help pay off their facial reconstructive surgery today. Frickin’ brilliant.

This was an odd show for Monuments (85%). They were up one spectacularly overtalented drummist in new addition Anup Sastry, and down one vocalist as frontman Chris Barretto had been almost sidelined by vocal nodules. For anyone considering labelling Barretto a diva, vocal nodules are fucking shit – check out this link for more info and lovely pictures – and the guy still replaced the vocal lines with sax melodies for the likes of Atlas and I, The Creator. So you could look at it two ways – a weird show, or a moment where one of tech-metal’s brightest stars shone against the odds.

I’m going with the latter. Instrumental or not, Monuments are still incredible. And, as Monuments announced onstage at the Boileroom, once Anup Sastry really settles in, and Chris Barretto’s voice unfucks itself, we’re looking at the start of a new Monuments record.

Start your excite.


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Posted on 13 August 2015

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