Prolong The Agony – ‘All We Are’

Prolong The Agony

Although metal and hardcore are undoubtedly badass, being cold, aloof, and misanthropic has become dishearteningly trendy amongst fans of said styles. Disconnection, antisocial attitudes, and civil wars are very common within those corners of the music world – and let’s be honest, most of it is the result of an act, a stony faced, none more serious, fuck-everyone mask employed to disguise the shit going on beneath the surface.

It’s no way to live.

Prolong The Agony clearly get this. Kicking off with the immense Dead Dreams, this EP is something many metalcore fans need to hear. It’s very cool to hear a band unafraid to address certain issues in an open and supportive way, rather than resorting to the immature and juvenile approach taken by many (but of course by no means all) of the other alternative heavy bands out there. From fear and insecurity to mental health issues, few vulnerabilities are left unaddressed on All We Are – and more than that, that openness acts as a clear indication of open minds and even hearts.

At the end of the day, everyone has their shit to deal with – and that fact points to a universal commonality. When you get under it all, we’re largely the same. It’s guaranteed that a certain number of people in the metal/hardcore world will look at Prolong The Agony and their positive, thoughtful, and welcoming attitude and dismiss them as “pussies”, or whatever. But, frankly, fuck them. It’s 2015, and we need more bands willing to invite people in rather than pushing them away in the name of looking tough and cool.

All We Are may have a tender core, but it’s heavy as God’s balls – and a fucking sick release.



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Posted on 19 April 2015

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