Grumble Bee – ‘Disconnect’ [Review]

11025350_10203910477067134_927652912_oNine Inch Nails. Tesseract. You Me At Six. Strange stylistic bedfellows maybe, but Grumble Bee (aka ex-PaperPlane man Jack Bennett) has succeeded in welding them all together and creating something you absolutely have to hear immediately.

Two of my favourite TMMP genre categories are “Genre Terrorism” and “Complete Batshit Insanity” – and few acts fit those labels quite as snugly as Grumble Bee. One second you’re experiencing uplifiting, anthemic pop-rock (see Lapwing), and the next you’re plunged into math-ridden labyrinths (see Sky Writer), left to follow a precisely-timed, winningly harmonised and gritty and emotional vocal and trust it to lead you through to the end. Unpredictability is rare in music, but Disconnect delivers said quality in spades while rewarding your patience with stellar moment after stellar moment.

Prog-pop, math-pop, djent-pop…whatever genre label you want to stick on it, Disconnect is the sound of a great artist making his mark on a world sorely in need of something fresh and different.



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Posted on 28 February 2015

One response to “Grumble Bee – ‘Disconnect’ [Review]”

  1. Daren Bennett says:

    Prog… a recurring theme for Jack over the years.

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