Selectric – ‘Insultc’ [Review]

selectricPrepare to have your brain done in. Selectric specialise in flat-out fucked jazz fusion / post-rock à la the now-defunct Acoustic Ladyland – and if you can make it through Serfin’ USA‘s incomprehensible opening barrage, you can make it through anything. Rudnick’s Magic Recorder is as nutty as its title suggests, if not more so, while Selling Crack To Teenagers and Ducks merge offbeat beats with migraine-inducing melodic excursions and Ode to Daniel Bryan’s Beard takes in shreddy runs, odd grooves, oddball funk, and some cool basslines throttled to death by stop-and-start guitar abuse. Let’s just say that if you like your music slick, pumped up, and carefree, this is probably not the EP for you!

If you’re of the opinion that normal is boring and weird isn’t weird enough, or you’ve never had a migraine before and would really like to find out what it’s like, press play on Insultc and see what happens. Keep some paracetamol to hand, just in case.


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Posted on 17 February 2015

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