Palm Reader – ‘By The Ground, We’re Defined’ [Review]

palm reader album promo 2Palm Reader are many things. Angry. Intense. Cathartic. Heavy.

And fucking awesome.

By The Ground, We’re Defined continues to mine similar ground to Palm Reader’s last release, I Watch The Fire Chase My Tongue – but although the Dillinger-esque mathcore style itself is familiar, said style is defined by unpredictability. Try to headbang to this track and you will end up in a neck brace – so do your best to resist the urge.

Actually, that’s a fucking impossible ask; maybe you should just go sit in the A&E waiting room before getting stuck in. And buy one of these pillows for when you get home. It’ll be for the best.


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By The Ground, We’re Defined is taken from Palm Reader’s upcoming album Beside The Ones We Love, due on April 6th.

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Posted on 16 February 2015

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