New Kingston – ‘Kingston City’ [Review]

new kingston press shotWeekends were made for relaxation – and in Kingston City, reggae fans worldwide will find a fantastic addition to their core chillout collections. Behind the righteous grooves and regimented, funky instrumentation lie a trio of hearts beating in favour of a message of peace and togetherness – making Kingston City more than just an album, and more a statement worth paying attention to. As much as I love music from the more intense end of the spectrum, albums like Kingston City are essential in maintaining some semblance of sanity in the hectically paced modern world.

Come February 23rd, grab this album, press play, and see where it takes you. Chances are you’ll end up exactly where you need to be right then.



Kingston City drops on in the UK on February 23rd.

New Kingston official website.

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Posted on 07 February 2015

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