Black Peaks – ‘Glass Built Castles’ [Review]

black peaks glass built castles

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Genres and scenes can be separated into three groups: those who lead, those who follow, and those who stay still and stagnate.

Black Peaks do not fit into the latter two camps. Their previous release, the brain-cell-splitting EP Closer to the Sun, was one of TMMP’s top five of its kind in 2014 – and come the end of 2015, Black Peaks’ upcoming long-player is guaranteed to make it into many end-of-year album choice charts. In the meantime, Black Peaks seem set on packing as much mindfuckery as possible into their music – a move that’s always welcome when it’s pulled off this well.

Fans of Dillinger Escape Plan and Jamie Lenman are advised to stock up on extra-thick Kleenex and zinc tablets before taking this one on. Ultra-complex and as solid as a Viagra-fuelled erection…I was going to add more descriptors here, but I’m so happy with that last one that I’m going to go down the shops and buy myself a Curly Wurly instead.


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Posted on 03 February 2015

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