Following Foxes – ‘Following Foxes EP’ [Review]

following foxes ep coverClean, pristine, and polished so much it shines, Following Foxes’ debut EP is a prime cut of pro-grade acoustic-driven folk rock. Although the airtight production does eat into the earthy and organic vibes common to most releases in their chosen genre, Following Foxes’ songs are second to none. The familiar Almost Lost It and Mother Brother still stand up to repeated listening; I Saw You, You Saw Me Back boasts a brilliant vocal and tasty melodies; and Waiting For Someone is full of jittery and anxious energy that quickly turns into excitement.

Overall, Following Foxes is stunningly crafted. Few bands hit the mark this exceptionally with their very first release – but Following Foxes have done exactly that. Hats off to them.


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Posted on 02 February 2015

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