Devil In Detail – ‘Goodbye, Red Admiral’ [Review]

Devil in Detail - Goodbye, Red Admiral ArtworkHitting the eardrums like a boxer’s glove-free knuckles, Idle Hands pulls no punches. All biting cynicism and flesh-rending riffs, it’s as glorious an opener as you could hope for from a team of Brightonese alt-rockers.

DiD frontwoman Candice Underwood possesses a seriously versatile vocal and impressive facility in layering words over math-ridden rhythms that, together, mark her out as a real rarity. See Monster for evidence; it’s a mindfuck however you look at it, but it comes off as dauntingly effortless – like Rage Against The Machine jamming with Tool and turn-of-the-millennium nu-metallers Union Underground (only with much less wah guitar). Now that is a winning combination.

Final track Giants starts out sounding like fellow Brighton native Falsense before dropping into a Them Crooked Vultures-esque groove that’s more than worthy of being turned up to eleven; and then it’s all over. Way too soon. More please!


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Posted on 19 January 2015

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