Like Vultures – ‘Win Some X Lose Some’ [Review]

like vulturesCute. Cheerful. Bright and sunny. Nice. Win Some X Lose Some is none of these things.

Since their cover of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, Like Vultures have proven themselves capable of more than just transforming an iffy rap tune into something truly “fucking awesome”. Last year’s Obsessed EP showed off chops and sleazy grooves aplenty while Like Vultures made their name as a live act to watch – and now, Win Some X Lose Some has blown all of their previous efforts out of the water. Glitchy stutters and nods to the djent brigade blend seamlessly with straight-up hardcore brutality and a smattering of pop-punky hooks, most impressively on Undesirable #1, a standout track placed ahead by some extra SikTh-esque vocal work.

Like Vultures are genre terrorists par excellence. For just a second EP, this is fucking insane.

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Posted on 06 December 2014

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