Colossus – ‘Badlands’ [Review]

colossus badlandsThis isn’t so much an album as an unforgiving barrage of beyond-heavy ultra-distorted guitars, cage-fighting drums, utterly guttural bass, and brutalising vocals. If you’re only interested in nice and friendly finger-clicking tunes, Badlands is not for you – but if you’re pissed off beyond reason and your tastes tend toward the corner of musicland labelled ‘Extreme Metal’, it most certainly is.

The influence of Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, and the like is worn on Colossus’ collective sleeves – but still, this is more than a ton of riffs and bits that merely sound cool. Every note, hit, and lyric has been excavated from some dark subconscious depths – and the results are disturbing, terrifying, and epic in equal measure. This album found my ears at exactly the right time. If you’ve read this far, not seeing if this is that time for you just wouldn’t make sense.

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Colossus official website.

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Posted on 05 December 2014

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