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Welsh alt-metallers Kyshera have a lot going for them right now. Their fans are true fanatics, getting hyper at shows and spreading the good word about their favourite band all over the world; the respect and love afforded them have been hard earned through two albums and countless shows; and 2015 is looking bright and promising, with third Kyshera LP Circles on the way. TMMP caught up with frontman James Kennedy to find out more.

The release of your upcoming album, Circle, has been delayed until 2015. What’s the story there?

We are SO excited about this album that we just wanted to hold back the release until we were sure that we were able to properly promote it and get everything in place. We really think it’s going to be worth the wait!

How have your fans reacted to the news?

They’ve been great (as always!). We think of our ‘fans’ more as friends and we’ve had loads of supportive comments from everyone so far. I could totally understand people being pissed about the long wait but to be honest, everyone’s been totally cool about it.

What do you have planned in the time between now and the album release?

To overthrow the global elite and establish a new Socialist utopia just in time to chart rig our album through ‘in house’ pre-sales.   

What can Kyshera fans expect from Circle?

Oh man, this one is different. Anyone familiar with our previous albums will not be expecting this! The album is a story based around the life of a central character – his highs, his lows, his mistakes, his consequences and eventually his death. The album deals with the big questions of life, death, morality, vice, love and also explores fame, modern culture & human nature among other things. It’s a heavy ride with suicide, comas, drugs, sex, power, greed, heartache, self destruction & eventual clarity (albeit too late). Musically, it’s our heaviest & most melodic album ever. It’s got the some of the strongest songs we’ve ever recorded & is a BIG departure from the headfuck that was Made in China.  I think it’s definitely going to divide some of our fans…

Beyond Circle, what does the future hold for Kyshera?

Well we’ve got a headline UK tour in April & after that we’re planning on just touring as far & wide as possible for the next 18 months and having a huge fucking blast with all of our amazing friends around the world. After that, I’ll probably have to relent to Jennifer Lawrence & finally organise this ‘wedding’ deal.

Your core slogan is “This is a movement.” What is the aim of that movement? What motivates it?

It’s a movement that promotes the free, unrestricted expression of the individual in all forms. A movement that celebrates uniqueness rather than fearing it. Our culture constantly tells us that we’re not good enough, our forms of political expression are tightly rigged in favour of a horrifically corrupt & sickeningly wealthy elite, we are cruel to each other & we are cruel to ourselves. We will never change any of that so long as we are living enchained in mental prisons of self doubt, confusion, hate, fear, ignorance & faith in leaders. So it’s a Movement that promotes freedom from all that shit. Only when we’re free from all that shit can we ever gain the enlightenment needed to truly change our society for a lasting better.

What’s on your bucket list?

To earn an executive position in Hell.


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Posted on 19 November 2014

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