SikTh / Heart Of A Coward / Idiom [Live Review – Concorde 2, Brighton, 11/11/14]

sikth tour 2014Outside Brighton’s favourite seafront venue, the wind is whipping up white waves that crash heavily into the shoreline. Inside, the air is moving even more violently as Idiom tear through a barnstorming set, followed in short order by Heart Of A Coward‘s crushing djent-fuelled brutality. Both bands deserve their dues for effortlessly eliciting manic reactions from a crowd set on saving their energy for the headliners.

By the time SikTh emerge onto their stage, the packed Concorde 2 is beginning to suffer from serious Pre-Metal Tension. You could cut the air with a knife – until Bland Street Bloom kicks off. You just can’t beat that beatdown – although there are plenty more to come. Part Of The FrictionHold My FingerScent Of The Obscene and Flogging The Horses promptly tear into every present pair of ears, nailed down impeccably by a band who remain airtight despite nearing the end of a gruelling international tour schedule.

When Will The Forest Speak is not exactly the most accessible SikTh offering, but the audience still joins in in full voice for fragments of Mikee Goodman’s signature growled-word showcase. From there it’s full steam ahead through Wait For Something WildPeep ShowSanguine Seas Of Bigotry and Another Sinking Ship before SikTh take a brief break and return for the feverishly anticipated Pussyfoot and Skies Of Millennium Night. By the time it’s all done, every face that turns to finally leave looks melted, eyes glazed over as if still hypnotized.

It’s plain to see that for everyone who made it in, this show was worth the wait.


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Posted on 13 November 2014

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