Noctiferia – ‘Gaga People’ [Review]

noctiferia gaga people coverDjent is many things to many people: The future of metal; the best thing since the first-ever palm mute; mechanical and boring; emotionally engaging and fascinating; and so on. For me, djent is (for the most part) pure awesomeness, and a great additional ingredient capable of spicing up a genre so often held back (ironically, considering its origins) by a craving for tradition and conservatism.

Slovenian metal titans Noctiferia are not conservative, to say the least. Thank fuck.

For me, Gaga People‘s lyrics are the star of the show here. Musically it’s a total beast with plenty of djent grooves and brutal instrumentalism – but when a song’s opening line is “Eat shit die fat / This is your future“, you can’t really argue with it! We live in a world where surface is everything, and the long-term effects of the stuff we stuff into our bodies (not just through the mouth but through the eyes and ears) are for the most part ignored. Healthy living doesn’t just mean drinking water and getting your five-a-day – it also means choosing to ignore certain kinds of mentally unhealthy (but still widely promoted) mind-viruses. Frankly, the crystal-clear message behind Gaga People deserves to be heard and recognised.

Brutal, badass, meaningful, and culturally aware – this is metal at its best.

Thanks to Maruša Ojsteršek (PR at The Boileroom) for the heads-up about this track.

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Gaga People (along with wicked B-sides The Falsifier and Sleeper Is Awake) is out now on iTunes.

Noctiferia’s new album ‘Pax’ drops on December 5th. Follow Noctiferia on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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Posted on 25 August 2014

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