Tree House Fire – ‘Actions & Reactions’ [Review]

tree house fire actions reactionsBands with their heads screwed on make TMMP’s world go round. I’ve met many people who think of reggae, ska, and dub as tired and behind the times – but fortunately albums like this form an ideal rebuttal. Funded via none-more-modern crowdfunders Pledge Music and filled with upbeat vibes, incredible tunes and inventive musicianship, Actions & Reactions serves as a pitch-perfect pick-me-up and a spot made of soundwaves where youthful energy meets mature themes culled from struggles punctuated with moments of relief.

Personal highlights included the dirty fuzz buried behind Beard Trimmer Dub‘s vocal lines; Mr Aggressor‘s languid grooves; and all of Push (featuring Barney Boom of Sonic Boom Six) – but that’s me. As for your good self, your best course of action is to get listening / downloading via the links and Spotify box below…

Links / Listen

Buy Actions & Reactions via Amazon and / or iTunes. It’s listed as “Explicit”, so you know it’s good.

Tree House Fire official website.

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Posted on 18 August 2014

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