Boy Hits Car / Kyshera / Yeti Love [Live Review – The Underworld, Camden, 26/7/14]

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Yeti Love

From sexy soundcheck voices to a triumphant rendition of Ollos Do Sol (All For The Best) via plenty of ethereal acoustica and plenty of immense and masterfully crafted songs, Yeti Love ruled their allotted half-hour with confidence and grace.

Every one of Yeti Love’s songs is a winner, whether it be the vocal-harmony-strewn Lonely Road, the heavily political Old Man, or the slow and clear Stones.  You just can’t argue with a good song – and there were plenty of appreciative fans in attendance who’d surely agree.

Hats off to Yeti Love for having the balls to play an acoustic set at a metal show – and the talent to win over a difficult crowd.


For some bands, being a warm-up act is an excuse to do a half-assed job, mumble some stuff about how great the crowd is, have them clap along a bit, then run offstage as if it were on fire.

Kyshera don’t do this. Not. At. All.

This was the most energetic set so far – but quite frankly, the word ‘energetic’ simply does not cut it. Balls-to-the-wall passion, instrument-as-tool aggression, and plenty of band/crowd interaction made this set an absolute stunner. Once this review is done, I’m going to be looking for more from these guys.

Boy Hits Car

Boy Hits Car are one of my bucket list bands – and now that I’ve seen them live, I think I’ll be able to die happy. Not that I want that to happen anytime soon.

Whether punching out old-school flawlessness in the form of As I Watch The Sun Fuck The OceanI’m A Cloud, and Going To India or slamming head-on into tunes both new and primordial, Boy Hits Car never let up for a single moment. If I had to describe Boy Hits Car in just one word, it would be generous – it’s obvious that unless they’re putting 1000% into their performances, this band will not leave the stage satisfied. Frontman Cregg Rondell must have lost a significant amount of body weight in sweat; every explosive movement left behind visible vapour trails, and not even the crowd could keep up with him.

Boy Hits Car do what every band who want a passionate response from their audience have to do: Lead by example. Whether moving so much they could compete with SikTh and The Dillinger Escape Plan in the Gig Energy Olympics, pausing for a short and timely political speech (“Where are the extremists of love, peace, and tolerance?” is an excellent question given the UK’s present political climate), or somehow managing to stay ass-tight for the duration, Boy Hits Car do it all.

Any up-and-coming alt-metal act can learn a lot simply by seeing Boy Hits Car live – and for fans of heavy music, this kind of show is nothing short of a physically manifested dream.

Thanks to Steve Shaw of Intune PR for the heads-up about this show.


Boy Hits Car official website.

Kyshera official website.

Yeti Love official website.

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Posted on 27 July 2014

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  1. Grace says:

    Haha awesome. You took the words right out of my mouth about Kyshera. I don’t need to say anymore about BHC :) Though, that excellent question is not just for UK. It’s for the world. Anyway, nice to meet you Leon.

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