Nina Schofield – ‘Colours EP’ [Review]

nina schofieldAs we noted after seeing her live set, Guildfordian songstress Nina Schofield is a star in the making.

This four song set serves only to confirm that statement.

The core pop-star requirements – great songs performed by a great voice – are present and correct. Title track Colours is a winner, but it’s not alone; opener Over It Under It kicks it all off with fantastically heavy rock tones, and piano-driven closer Breakaway is a ballad born to be played to late night fields full of lighters and mobile phone screens. Personally, however, the application of loud/soft dynamics present on third tune Everytime We Touch makes it my highlight.

Criticism? I have none. Professional, talented, and commercially viable, Nina Schofield is an A&R rep’s dream come true, and an artist whose untiring work ethic needs to be properly rewarded and soon, if there’s any justice in the world.

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Posted on 21 May 2014

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