Beneath Dead Waves – ‘Inertia’ [Review]

beneeath dead waves logoFirst things first. Beneath Dead Waves are a great band. They clearly know their shit; their instrumental technique is borderline flawless; and any self-respecting metalhead will find something to love on Inertia. Personally, I felt as if this album had been written just for me, clearly influenced as it is by many of the bands that defined me as a metal fan. There’re moments that bring to mind Dream Theater, Tool, Mudvayne, SikTh, Slipknot, and Meshuggah – and it’s clear that Beneath Dead Waves love those bands as much as I do (if not more). For that reason, Inertia has earned a special place in my heart.

However, as it stands right now, Beneath Dead Waves have hit a creative point common to bands on Album One: The point where their musicianship is unquestionable, their mastery over their influences plainly clear for all to see, but there is still no sound in there that can be absolutely defined as unique. Listen to DT, Tool, Mudvayne, Meshuggah, and so on, and you instantly know who you’re listening to; but currently the same cannot (yet) be said for Beneath Dead Waves. I have no doubt that this will change – and as already noted, this is a standard situation for debut albums – and when it does, Beneath Dead Waves will truly become a band to be reckoned with. For the time being, however, I’ll just have to make my peace with the fact that the anticipation of that day is driving me crazy.

Overall: A display of absolute mastery over what has come before that provokes genuine excitement about what comes next.


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Posted on 25 April 2014

One response to “Beneath Dead Waves – ‘Inertia’ [Review]”

  1. HaydenJW says:

    First impression: the harsh vocals are a little weak, and despite the incredible instrumentation, the compositions are nothing to get excited about. I might need to give it a couple of listens first, though.

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