Alon Tamir – ‘Terraforming’ [Review]

The word ‘epic’ gets tossed around a lot these days, and I’m as guilty as anyone else of overusing it. But what other words could most effectively be used to describe this track? Intense? Sure. Badass? Certainly. But to my mind, all alternatives to ‘epic’ pale in comparison. Perhaps the best course of action is to stick all of the above together, brush aside that writerly aversion to adverbs and state that this track is intensely, epically badass.

Well, whatever. Fans of instrumental guitar music will know what to expect here (chunky riffs, strangely attractive solos, blissful clean sections), but Terraforming contains enough progressive spice to set it apart from its peers. There’s plenty of modal flavour in there too – bringing Satriani’s Time Machine to mind but stopping well shy of Steve Vai’s legendary ‘Lydian Hernia’ territory. Tamir prefers instead to mix his modes in at well-chosen points as an extra ingredient, not the main event – a sure sign of a guitarist with a eye for good taste.

Terraforming sits well alongside such contemporary guitar offerings as Animals As Leaders’ discography and The Aristocrats’ two-album oeuvre. Potentially, it marks the solo-career introduction of a name that will find its way onto the covers of your favourite guitar magazines before you know it. This is your chance to say you knew all about it at the beginning. So get started here:


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Posted on 11 January 2014

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