Princess Slayer: ‘Life and After EP’ [Review]


Princess Slayer – a Guildfordian producer-vocalist duo known by day as Vince Welch and Casey Lim – have managed to bypass the usual first-release jitters and put out a five-track EP jammed with slick and ultra-sexy electronic tunes.

Opener The Freedom greets us with some electric piano, a jagged drum groove, a simultaneously confident and vulnerable vocal, syncopation aplenty, and a deeply sexy break in 7/8, while Passion Alley offers quirky 8-bit accompaniment to lyrics dissecting players of a very different kind of game before introducing a thick and irresistible head-bobbing groove. Passion Alley is the real highlight of this set for me – the ideal track for a room jammed with dance-floor deviants performing barely-disguised acts of a certain nature – and is perfectly complimented by third track Fame.

Fame‘s unorthodox instrumental hook reminds me of Japan (the synth pop band, although this EP would go down well in the country for sure), and if Passion Alley is made for the night you meet your new partner on that now-sticky dance floor then this is the song for your place after the club closes. Track four, God Said, takes us back to past-midnight club filth territory with some sweaty dub grooves, and The After Party is a meaty, kick-driven ’90s dance tune that should not be listened to unless you’re both holding and wearing neon yellow glowsticks. Make sure you have this EP set to repeat at this point – the well-timed pace and variety of electronic styles make this an endlessly listenable little EP.

Overall, Life & After is a brilliant musical filth-box guaranteed to stimulate, titillate, and keep you listening until your iPod’s battery runs out. A fantastic first release, and proof that the musical underground is full of satisfying surprises.

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Posted on 06 November 2013

2 responses to “Princess Slayer: ‘Life and After EP’ [Review]”

  1. adsnads1976 says:

    Great review – it’s so refreshing to read something that is written with a positive voice, instead of the more common snooty air of cynical indifference. I shall check it out!

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