Lunatrix – ‘Mr Sunshine EP’ [Review]

Here in the UK, spring is taking its sweet time in joining us. However, just as the first rays of sunlight tentatively poke through the clouds we already have cause to dance around like it’s scorching hot outside thanks to Guildfordian gypsy swing sextet Lunatrix and their debut EP, appropriately entitled Mr Sunshine. A set of five finely crafted, bouncy, and engaging songs chock full of tasteful guitars, driving drums, and flamboyant trumpet licks, the Mr Sunshine EP is the perfect soundtrack to your summer, even if it hasn’t technically started yet. And by the time you’re sweltering in the park or chilling out on a moonlit beach, you’ll be well-practiced in singing along to the faultless vocals of Abi Evans and Kristy Poulton as they discus life, love, and…well…grabbing men’s arses, apparently.

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Posted on 27 March 2013

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