ACODA Discuss: The Boileroom & UK Live Music

acoda press shotWith Guildford venue the Boileroom facing the possibility of closure, TMMP caught up with Stephen Crook of ACODA to discuss the Boileroom and the state of the UK’s live music scene.

This interview is part of a larger TMMP feature which can be read in full here.

What is your general opinion of the Boileroom?

The Boileroom is one of the only reasons we’ve ever been to Guildford! Every time we have visited it’s been apparent that it’s an important part of the local music community, run by people who genuinely have a true passion for live music. Plus the Chinese food is pure amazement!

How did you feel when you heard about the Boileroom’s current problems?

I think it’s a travesty that the Boileroom is even needing to have its license reviewed. The moment you arrive at the venue they’re so organised with load-ins and make the touring party aware of Read more…

Posted on 10 September 2014

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