Vuurwerk – ‘G.R.I.P. EP’ [Review]

Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 16.43.40G.R.I.P. EP opening track Black Aerial swings through discomfiting moods, a journey from foreboding to relief of a sort via dehumanised urban sexiness and funky bounces laid over threatening synthetic foundations. This EP’s title track traps multiple vocals within Read more…

Posted on 11 February 2015

Bob Log III / Thomas Truax [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 1/5/14]

bob log IIIAlthough it’s great that alternative culture exists, you have to ask how much it differs from the mainstream sometimes.

Standard-model society promotes segregation on increasingly arbitrary lines (watch an episode of Come Dine With Me for evidence) and “alternative” subcultures do much the same thing – think rock and metal subgenres and the constant bickering between them all. Infighting is frequently justified on the basis of appearance (“just look at him!“) by both mainstream and alternative groups. Competitive snobbery thrives in both worlds, based as they are on stereotypical male values – and yes, despite some progress both the mainstream and alternative worlds are still male-dominated. For instance, “alt girls” have been relegated to the status of fetishised objects featured in magazines that copy the topless-babes-and-articles-which-their-readers-will-say-are-the-real-reason-they-buy-the-magazine-in-the-first-place-but-for-some-reason-nobody-ever-seems-to-believe-them model adopted by their equally standardised shelfmates. For more evidence of objectification, go see a heavy female-fronted band play live, and pay attention to how the men in the audience behave. And the online side of things is, naturally, not much different. Overall, it can be argued that “alt” culture is definable today as “more or less the same as the mainstream at a fundamental level, only with different haircuts, a different soundtrack, different clothes, and more imaginative and visible tattoos”.

So let’s say we want to find something that really deserves to be called “alternative”. Where could we start? Read more…

Posted on 03 May 2014

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