Vodun – ‘Ascend’ (Album Review)

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After spending many years immersed in music, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’ve heard it all. Then, along comes an Afro-psych-doom band interpreting an assortment of mythical spirits, employing a dairy farm’s worth of cowbell while deep-pocketed riffs batter your ears into submission and Read more…

Posted on 28 August 2018

Vodun (Interview)

Vodun interview 2000 trees feature review band ascent review spirits past

Although music is technically always an experience, some bands fit that description more accurately than others. Vodun are one such group, dealing in heavy and soulful afro-psych.

What is afro-psych? Well, it’s basically this:

Music festivals are clearly Vodun’s natural habitat – and appropriately enough Read more…

Posted on 29 June 2018