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2018 is shaping up to be a great year for alternative rock, and Black Peaks are representing its more technical and mathy end with some classy festival appearances and the imminent October 5 release of their sophomore album All That Divides. These guys (including today’s interview subject, drummer Liam Kearley) are one of my favourite bands of all time, and I’m not alone in that opinion – which is why…

You’re set to headline The Cave at 2000 Trees 2018, which kicks off in a week. How’re you feeling right now?

I think we’re all feeling pretty hyped, to be honest. To have a chance to play a proper headline set at The Cave is fucking awesome!

When you were growing up, which gigs had a real impact on you? 

I saw Opeth way back in 2006 in London. It was so fucking amazing; the combination of the proggy heaviness and the chilled out sections in songs like Deliverance blew my mind. I wanted to do the same thing!

What was your first ever festival experience? How did it go?

My first proper festival experience on my own (without the parents) was WOMAD, many moons ago. I saw Jimmy Cliff and Roots Manuva, which was pretty cool.

Any festival survival tips?

Wet wipes are your best friend, and a necessity for festivals. Forget what you’ve heard – there will be no shower at the festival. Gis yaself a wipe, and party on Wayne!

If an inebriated stranger were to ask what you sound like, what would be your response?

The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool, and Mastodon having a heated musical debate in Omar Rodriguez-López’s kitchen, while Devin Townsend makes a stir fry.

What’s the most bizarre thing that’s ever taken place during one of your shows?

A guy at a Brighton show a few years ago took off ALL HIS CLOTHES in the middle of the pit! He was in some kind of trance. Everyone around him was like “…what the fuck,” but then they just carried on rocking out. Obviously we didn’t stop playing either. It was super super weird.

If money, space, and good taste weren’t issues, what would your ultimate festival stage show look like?

I think we would have a full Pink Floyd 70s-style 3D production. Giant puppets, huge lasers, and mirror balls coming down from the ceiling. 4D surround sound, and moving seats that vibrate with different bits of the music. It would be the show of a lifetime. Still with good taste I reckon though.

Which other 2000 Trees bands are you looking forward to checking out?

At The Drive-In will be totally badass. We’ve waited to see those guys play since we became a band at the very start, so that’s gonna be fucking rad.

Turnstile have a lot of hype around them, and they’re on just before us – so that should be wicked to check out.

Enter Shikari are on the Friday night (we all have to leave on Saturday morning sadly) and they always have a brilliant show, so we’ll be looking forward to seeing that.

And of course we can’t forget Mr Jamie Lenman. Our good buddy Jamie never fails to amaze and inspire us, so we will be right at the front for that one!

You’re also playing ArcTanGent in August – do you have any special plans for that show?

I think a lot of our new material will be out by then, so we’ll have lots of new stuff to showcase for all the ATG fans. Who knows what other secret treats we have in store at that murky prog fest!

Black Peaks headline The Cave at 2000 Trees 2018 on Thursday July 12.

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Posted on 05 July 2018

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