The Interrupters – ‘Fight The Good Fight’ (Album Review)

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Fans of snappy suits, ska-punk songs, and skanking rejoice: The Interrupters are back once again with a fresh set of Tim Armstrong-produced tunes. Fight The Good Fight is mostly intended to act as an escape hatch for those tired of the world’s trials and tribulations, and it succeeds admirably.

Although The Interrupters have a well-established and formulaic style, vocalist Aimee Interrupter has outdone herself both vocally and lyrically here. Whether stating that “my scars remind me my worst days are behind me” (opening track Title Holder), burning through the narcissist-eviscerating She’s Kerosene, or dishing out empowerment throughout the dub-influenced Leap Of Faith, Aimee’s presence consistently punches through each mix while the Bivona brothers lay down equally reliable layers behind her. The Interrupters act as a single unit, not a divided star-and-backing-band setup – and that arrangement results in a perfectly balanced and blended sound.

As demonstrated by every Rancid member’s presence on outsider anthem Got Each Other, The Interrupters have long been respected within the Californian punk community – and the fact that they deserve it is simply not up for debate. Meanwhile, Fight The Good Fight does exactly that. Only a fool would bet against it.


Pre-order Fight The Good Fight (out June 29) on iTunes.

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Posted on 23 June 2018

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