Cancer Bats – ‘The Spark That Moves’ (Album Review)

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Cancer Bats don’t know how to compromise – and they’re not about to start now. The Spark That Moves was kept carefully under wraps until barely a few days ago – and now, the truth can finally be revealed.

The Spark That Moves is the first new Cancer Bats record in three years – and it is motherfucking badass.

That statement is half surprise, and half obvious – at least if you’re already familiar with Cancer Bats. They deal in southern-fried hardcore so filthy that you’ll crave a shower just after listening to a song or two. If you listen to The Spark That Moves while taking that shower, the dirt will never come off and you’ll be trapped there forever.

This album is full of the kind of moments too often sanded down and polished away by commercially-minded record labels. Thank fuck Cancer Bats decided to self-release – this kind of balls-to-the-wall awesomeness is exactly what we need in troubled times and an industry landscape increasingly dotted with half-masted dollar-grasping. From rusty chugs galore to frantic soloing, thrashy tempos, pinch harmonics of doom, and distorted tones on the verge of complete collapse…Jesus.

This is it. This is literally it.

If there’s one critical point to be made about The Spark That Moves, it’s that there are relatively few serious gear changes – but when you’re talking about an album that wins this consistently, who gives a fuck? This project represents Cancer Bats in full control of their destinies, and if this is what they need to feel satisfied, good on them. It’s going to please more than just the four people in this band, and it’s done the job for me.

Hell yes.

LTK RATING: 94% (Essential Listening!)

For more about The Spark That Moves, visit Cancer Bats’ website here.

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Posted on 20 April 2018

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