Ben Minal – ‘Everything But The Music’ [Review]

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Life as a music critic is nothing if not unpredictable. Day to day, the search begins anew, casting a metaphorical net over the actual Internet in the hope of discovering a genuinely unique artist. Some days, I collapse exhausted and forlorn before my laptop, my mind numbed by the knowledge that all my efforts have given me is RSI.

Today is not one of those days.

Alternative rock and progressive metal fans may already have heard of Ben Minal, sitting as he does on the drum throne located directly behind his bandmates in Dorje and Toska. Until now, Ben Minal has been content to be largely obscured by a beast of a drum kit while Rob Chapman, Rabea Massaad, and Dave Hollingworth face the outstretched arms of their adoring fans. Until now, Ben has been a behind-the-scenes guy, beating the skin onstage and running online music education platform Musicisum in between rehearsals, writing sessions, and hurried dashes to assorted recording studios.

As of today, Ben Minal will find himself sitting on a very different kind of throne. Not the kind on which inspiration and haemorrhoids strike, but the Golden Throne of Musical Royalty. No more, no less. On the strength of this album – which I urge you simply to listen to with fully open ears and a quiet, peaceful consciousness – Rob, Rabea, and Dave now have a lot to live up to should they also risk the solo route.

Dorje may be doomed. Toska might well be toast. After all, when a band member goes solo, the rest of them tend to find themselves relegated to the dingy Realm of Obscurity, never to return.

All hail Ben Minal. Pray for Rob, Rabea, and Dave – wait…who? I’ve forgotten already.

The hallowed Bandcamp play button awaits you below. Respect it. Remember it. Cherish it always, for only that consecrated cluster of patterned pixels now has the power to transport you to Paradise.

TMMP RATING: 1,000,000,000%

Music has been won. It’s all over.

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Posted on 23 July 2016

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