Hatton Manor [Live Review – Komedia, Brighton, 16/6/2016]

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Watching a band you love level up in front of a packed venue is one of the best experiences a music fan can have. Hatton Manor – the guitar-vocal duo now expanded to a trio with the addition of brand new drummer James Purvis – did exactly that at Komedia.

Having already established a sound of their own with their debut EP Eden, at Komedia Hatton Manor chose to showcase a set of brand new tunes, employing their idiosyncratic cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Can’t Stop as a centrepiece. These guys are my favourite up-and-coming acoustic-based acts for many good reasons, and with The Bug, River, Sigh, and Shallow, Hatton Manor have added four more songs to their gradually growing and always enviable arsenal. Whether rocking hard with shades of Royal Blood on The Bug, weaving together multiple time signatures during Sigh, or proving unafraid to embrace their poppy side while enriching it with expensive-sounding chords and trip-hoppy vocal effects during their closing cut, Hatton Manor have marked themselves out once more as ones to watch, listen to, and ultimately love.

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Posted on 19 June 2016

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