Faintest Idea – ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’ [Review]

Faintest Idea - Increasing The Minimum Rage - Review

Since May 7, 2015, Britain’s been so fucked that it’s hard to know where to begin criticising the Tories.

Faintest Idea sum up the general feelings of the UK’s younger generation on track one of Increasing The Minimum Rage. Circling The Drain sees Faintest Idea marry two classic ska-punk elements – cheeky-chappy rhythms and cathartic aggression – while taking on governmental mismanagement, and it’s full steam ahead into a raucous, entertaining, and provocative thrill ride.

With eleven tracks total to play with, Faintest Idea take full advantage of their thirty-four minutes of soapbox time, taking on everything from environmental catastrophes to mental health issues, the core flaws of the British voting system, and the possibility of alternative state structures. That said, this isn’t a preachy album at all; despite its obviously political title, Increasing The Minimum Rage aims to draw listeners using a musical tractor beam, get them focussing hard on the vocal, and then learning to question the world around them.

With songs as catchy, immersive, and concise as TMMP favourites Down Pressure, Stick Em Up (Lords Of War), Throw Away The Key, and the Star Wars Empire-evoking Corporation providing personal highlights across a set that never slacks off in terms of passion or quality, it’s safe to say that if you consider yourself a ska-punk fanatic, you’re going to love Increasing The Minimum Rage.

Overall, this is an album that will make you dance and think at the same time, and pick up a book when you’re done recovering the morning after. Open your ears and eyes, and press Play on Increasing The Minimum Rage via the Bandcamp player below as soon as you can.


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Posted on 09 March 2016

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