Skunk Anansie – ‘Anarchytecture’ (Album Review)

Skunk Anansie Anarchytecture

After the recent loss of David Bowie, the rock world needs all the unique and exciting oddness it can get. With Anarchytecture – their third album since reforming in 2009 – Skunk Anansie continue to contribute exactly that.

Although rock is the dominant flavour present on Anarchytecture, there are plenty of extra spices floating in the mix. Skin’s vocal is, as always, unmistakable – and curious listeners can expect a healthy helping of dub vibes and electronic elements alongside the big riff monsters and vulnerable ballads that tick all the traditional “rock album” boxes.

Of the riff-driven cuts, We Are The Flames stands head and shoulders above the rest, drawing on a distinct Muse influence and hitting the mark with politicised lyrics propelled by fierce, seething energy. Lead single Love Someone Else stomps and grooves with barely restrained sexuality; Victim summons sultry basslines and wicked dynamic shifts; and Death To The Lovers and I’ll Let You Down bring picked scabs and fresh emotional wounds to mind, hitting hard in masterful fashion. There’s plenty that harks back to the past, but at the same time it’s important to bear in mind that Skunk Anansie are and have always been in a class of their own – not to mention ahead of their time.

Overall, Anarchytecture is precisely what rock needs right now.


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To see all the ways you can buy Anarchytecture, head to Skunk Anansie’s official website.

Posted on 16 January 2016

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