Black Peaks – ‘Saviour’ [Review]

Black Peaks - Statues

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My God.

If you’re looking for the cream of the math-rock crop, you’ve found it. Black Peaks have always been fueled by ferocity, laying waste to ears and venues and festivals in the process of carving out a niche of their own. But now, they’ve hit a new…well…peak.

Saviour – the lead single from Black Peaks’ upcoming debut album Statues – sees Black Peaks employ a massively widened dynamic range. Clean sections sparkle delicately, while Black Peaks’ trademark brutal riffage possesses that much more impact thanks to the contrast. This is the sound of a band expanding their collective comfort zone, exploring new horizons, and absolutely smashing it.


TMMP RATING: 98% (Essential Listening!)

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Posted on 17 November 2015

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