Arcane Roots – ‘Heaven & Earth EP’ [Review]

Arcane Roots

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Calling Arcane Roots passionate, energetic, talented, and epic is like calling the sky blue. Those labels aren’t subject to debate, but undeniable facts. Heaven & Earth sees Arcane Roots push themselves to a new level, penning some of their most accessible tunes to date while remaining unafraid to tangentially turn into raw, frenetic math-ridden riffage whenever they deem it most appropriate.

Opener If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves illustrates the above with force-of-nature authority; When Did The Taste Leave Your Mouth bounces relentlessly toward a peaceful interlude; Leaving swells into a tidal wave that’s long enraptured live crowds, and will continue to do so in the future; Slow Dance opens like a pure pop song before mutating into a Muse-grade beatdown via tangled tapping lines; and Vows & Ceremony reaches skyward on the back of desperately yearning songcraft.

Overall, Heaven & Earth feels like the start of a tectonic transition. It’s the sound of Arcane Roots working to keep things fresh, to keep their art moving forward – and succeeding in doing so.

More than that, it will make you move.


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Posted on 16 October 2015

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