VASA – ‘Colours’ [Review]


Prepare to enter a world of post-rock-flavoured euphoria. A weird but rewarding world populated by countless notes, rhythms, riffs, and melodies. A place where Celtic melodies merge with modern metallic intensity, where listeners are free to dance, mosh, or crane their necks to squint at skyborne melodies so vibrant you can easily visualise them.

The word “moderation” doesn’t exist in VASA’s vocabulary. Colours sees the Glaswegian quartet in constant motion, dealing out battle-ready riffs, tapping orgies, sharp-edged and icy melodic patterns, playfully explosive dynamic detonations, and seismic rhythmic shifts. There are no words, but none are needed.

This album speaks for itself.

Whether you’re a musician or not, you should see if it speaks to you.


Links / Listen

Colours drops October 16th.

VASA official website.

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Posted on 15 October 2015

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