Secret Black Boyfriend – ‘This Is What Happens When Everyone Wins A Trophy’ [Review]

Secret Black Boyfriend

Secret Black Boyfriend are more than an odd name. They’re an odd band, with a hard-to-categorise sound. For most of their second album, they sound like Reuben jamming with Rage Against The Machine’s rhythm section – only to throw a massive curveball on final track Hepatinnitus, where bleak, noise-ridden math-punk is the order of the day.

This album will have you scratching your head while rocking out – so do it in public at your peril.

Opening track Baby Shooter hits hard with raw, incensed lyrics addressing domestic violence – and seventh cut High Fives Save Lives hits the same mark with one of the best riffs of the lot and words directed at a toxic former friend. Easy listening they’re not – but they are prime examples of making something good out of something bad.

Elsewhere, Unbillable In Bolton is an instrumental track that manages to avoid accusations of self-indulgence by being fucking badass, all thickly fogged desolation and ultra-tight, ultra-heavy polyrhythms that aren’t just there to tantalise the post-hardcore world’s resident musos – and SEGA vs NINTENDO is sure to inspire a wall of death or two, thanks to its divisive title and mosh-friendly ferocity.

Overall, Secret Black Boyfriend are currently sitting on a collection of filthy monsters, waiting to officially add them to an ever-growing collection. Dig in as soon as you get the chance.


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This Is What Happens When Everyone Wins A Trophy is set to drop digitally in late December 2015, and on vinyl in January 2016. Follow Secret Black Boyfriend on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

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Posted on 08 October 2015

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