Hatton Manor – ‘Eden’ [Review]

Hatton Manor

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The singer-songwriter market is oversaturated. Full of countless clones plying folky wares with serious-as-cancer faces buried in their own backsides. Crammed, stuffed, and a little bit boring.

Hatton Manor offer something more than their pretentiously affected contemporaries. A guitar-and-vocal duo, Matt and Hannah (Hatt & Mannah = Hatton Manor) are simply better than the next pair. This is a big statement, but it’s easily justified. Even the briefest listen to Eden opener Mountain Man, for instance, proves their class and classiness. Hannah’s voice is bloody awesome, equal parts soul and control, while Matt’s multi-tasking guitar/vocal/percussion skills are equally impressive, providing fertile soil within which instant-classic songs can easily take root.

Hatton Manor’s songs feel like classics, even though they’re brand new – but this isn’t due to retrospective ripping-off. Simple, original creativity and craft are responsible. Imagine Joni Mitchell jamming with John Butler, and you’re getting warmish – Hatton Manor have clearly done their homework and (crucially) added in extra spices of their own, in the manner of history’s finest songwriters.

Sublime vocal lines, precision-honed harmonies, silky six-strings and clear and not-too-slick production all bring each track to life, from Mountain Man‘s blissful stirs to A Place Beyond‘s Led Zeppelin vibe; title track Eden‘s vintage modern style; and Through The Dust‘s cool and tastefully employed effects, rock pulse, yearning lyricism, and spectacularly soothing final moments. Overall…man, just grab yourself a copy when it comes out. You owe it to yourself.

TMMP RATING: 93% (Essential Listening!)

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Posted on 23 August 2015

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