O.R.k. – ‘Inflamed Rides’ [Review]


If you’re looking for something unique, you’ve come to the right place. O.R.k. could be described using the often-derided term “supergroup” (its members hailing from bands as diverse as Obake, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, and Marta Sui Tubi), but its music will appeal to anyone with a taste for diverse and differentiated rock. This is not so much a novelty project as one with the potential to go any distance under its own steam.

Inflamed Rides takes in everything from Tool-esque textures (opener Jellyfish) to Rage Against The Machine-style guitar work (Breakdown); doom-laden balladry (Pyre); a sharp and bass-heavy strutter that could easily have been penned by Marilyn Manson (Funfair); eBowed guitars and off-kilter beats (Bed Of Stones); hench and harmonic-heavy riffage combined with Steve Vai-flavoured harmonic structures (Vuoto); tapped guitar and anthemic vocals (Dream Of Black Dust); intriguing blends of trip-hop and muscular prog (Funny Games); and ethereal spaciousness (closer Black Dust). The only weak spot comes in the form of No Need, which lacks the vibrant energy that permeates Inflamed Rides‘ other nine tracks – but there are plenty of highlights to pick out.

Highlight-wise, I’d go for Breakdown on the back of its massive riffs, pitch-shifter-heavy soloing, and a strong Porcupine Tree-influenced section; Vuoto for the fact that I’ve not heard guitar work like that since the days of long-defunct underground UK band Strobe 45; and Funny Games for its fascinatingly evocative and powerful vibes. However, there’s so much to love about Inflamed Rides that your highlights could easily be totally different and totally justified. Head to the Musicraiser page linked below to get stuck in.


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For more info about the release of Inflamed Rides, head to O.R.k.’s Musicraiser page here.

O.R.k. official website.

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Posted on 31 May 2015

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