Axis Of – ‘The Mid Brae Inn’ [Review]

Axis Of PackshotAlthough Biffy Clyro are a common reference point for the UK’s current surging wave of rock bands, Axis Of completely avoid succumbing to the siren call of the pastiche. Instead, while The Mid Brae Inn does borrow from Biffy’s taste in anthemic, pounding post-hardcore, it really feels more like a folk-rock album. A folk-rock album blessed with pendulous, titanium balls.

Every song on The Mid Brae Inn sounds festival-, even arena-ready – but it’s equally easy to imagine Axis Of holding court in a packed pub in the middle of nowhere, blowing the minds of blottoed locals while panicked dogs keep the neighbourhood awake with frenzied howls. From opener All My Bones to Returnee’s Lament via TMMP highlights WetsuitThe Grey Man’s Path at Night, and Quarrel Reef, all twelve cuts will make you wish you had a pint in your hand, a crowd of mates crammed sardine-like into one of the country’s most intimate indie venues, and two days off work so you can properly recover while nursing party wounds and repressing shameful memories.

Of course, you don’t need to be shitfaced in order to appreciate the sheer magnitude of this album. I’m just saying it would probably help.



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Posted on 23 February 2015

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