Beautiful Nothing – ‘Beautiful Nothing’ [Review]

beautiful nothingBeautiful Nothing is bold, powerful, and as infectious as the STDs which people across the world are preparing to reveal to their partners now that Valentine’s Day is over.

Beautiful Nothing know how to pen a badass pop-rock tune, and this self-titled album is crammed full of them; whether you’re talking about Come Color Me‘s seductive invitations, If It Ever Came Down‘s fuck-you funkiness, Highway to the Sky‘s razor-sharp guitars, the in-your-face desperation of Finer Things, the fervent bass pulse that drives Never Found What You’re Looking For, or the peaceful echoes and acoustic guitars which open the epic Stuck In Clouds, this band make it crystal clear that they know their shit. That’s only half the album, by the way! Come festival season, you can bet that Beautiful Nothing will be greeted by plenty of waving hands, raised voices, and rapturous applause. They deserve it.

Although the vocals occasionally feel more affected than authentic, it’s barely worth pointing out; overall, Beautiful Nothing rocks hard and will stick in your brain like an ice pick. A great, varied, and well-executed job.


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Posted on 15 February 2015

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