Billy Momo – ‘Drunktalk’ [Review]

billy momoBilly Momo know what it’s like to stand up to your chin in shit and watch as a wave starts to swell on the horizon. Throughout this long and winding album, themes of darkness and despair dance alongside jaunty grooves below black clouds punched through with occasional glimpses of sunlight, and the resulting blues-riddled folk-pop feels familiar, yet somehow alien. Personal highlights included the swampy filth of Wishing Aint No Sin and Drunktalk‘s title track, as well as the cheeky runs of Its Mine and the harmonica-led stomp of The Weekend.

If your hobbies primarily consist of getting fucked up and listening to old blues records, consider breaking half a habit and giving something from 2015 a shot. The blues still exists within 21st-century humanity, and we still have emerging artists capable of making us feel it in a deep and authentic way. Offer Billy Momo some appreciation; they deserve it.


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Posted on 09 February 2015

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