Meghann Wright – ‘Meghann Wright’ [Review]

meghann wrightMeghann Wright’s Twitter bio describes her work as “sad bastard music” – and it certainly fits that description, even when the vibe feels upbeat on the surface. Whether Wright is found penning an ode to drug abuse on Cocaine, tearing herself to shreds on the self-flagellating Can’t Carry Water, personifying homesickness on Left My Heart In Brooklyn or nailing a former lover to the wall on bonus track Worth It, this EP is tough listening at times – but then again, it’s plain to see that it’s not intended to be nicey-nicey.

Through it all, Meghann Wright’s voice remains resolutely tough and graceful; writing and recording these songs must have been a heartrending process, but the end result is more than worth it.


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Posted on 18 January 2015

2 responses to “Meghann Wright – ‘Meghann Wright’ [Review]”

  1. Lynn Menefee says:

    Wonderful songs – thanks!

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