Cherae Leri – ‘Mirage’ [Review]

Cherae Leri MirageAlthough I’m not exactly a pop fan (see here for proof), every now and then a track pops up with exactly the right vibe and vocal to pique my interest. Thanks to the likes of Submotion Orchestra, Luciana Caporaso, and Princess Slayer, that may well start happening more and more often in 2015 – starting with Cherae Leri’s deep, slow, and exotically hypnotic blend of R&B, pop, and modern soul. 

If you’re wondering when the rock tracks are coming back into the picture on TMMP, don’t worry – they’ll be along soon enough! For now, press play and see what happens – especially if you’re not sure it’s going to be your thing. New years are for new experiences, right?


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Posted on 03 January 2015

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