DNKL – ‘Wolfhour’ [Review]

DNKL-2014-Wolfhour-coverDark, heady synth waves offering moral support to a disarming and vulnerable vocal before an unsettlingly shaky rhythmic base emerges from a nanobot beach; direct and instantly memorable lyrics; a winningly simple melodic line that Kraftwerk would be proud of. All are components of Wolfhour‘s identically-titled opening track.

When it comes to electronic pop, I’ve always preferred it filtered through Chino Moreno’s mind – but the next time I take some synth-oriented tunes in, I’ll probably wish they sounded more like DNKL. Whereas the current fashion is to blast a heavy borderline-moronic beat through saccharine stacks of bright chord voicings, DNKL keep things low-key, dark, and sexy. You can hear the potential for sugar-rush overload, but just a hint is enough, giving way to the sense of being led through a shadowy maze while above the walls the sky burns the inviting colours of sunset in paradise.

Dark and unsettling yet simultaneously warm, inviting, and uplifting – Wolfhour is a delightful paradox topped off by a trio of awesome remixes and a jaw-dropping piano-based Lambert rearrangement of stellar tune Battles. Every track is endlessly repeatable.

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Posted on 23 November 2014

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