Trevor Gordon Hall – ‘Mind Heart Fingers’ [Review]

MHF_coverTrevor Gordon Hall is not so much a guitarist as a master craftsman. On Mind Heart Fingers, Hall lays a set of twelve prime pieces out in the sun for the world to see – and the world is better off for his efforts. Add to Hall’s innate and tasteful sense of musicality an exotic instrument in the shape of his trusty kalimbatar, and you have something really special.

Percussive clicks pepper the previously-reviewed Surviving Ordinary Days as if it were a Zulu song, while each and every other piece offers something inventive, immersive, and peerlessly deep and emotive. Although the employment of the kalimbatar could be seen as gimmicky, the tones of the two-in-one instrument meld seamlessly together, each part appropriately complementing the other. Equally, it would be easy to deride percussively oriented guitarists like Hall as over the top, profligate showoffs – but each fretboard tap, body-hit, and fingerstroke is not only precisely placed but also finely and evocatively nuanced.

Tasteful, detailed, forward-thinking, moving and exciting – this is instrumental acoustic music as it should be in 2014.

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Posted on 05 November 2014

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