Submotion Orchestra – ‘Alium’ [Review]

submotion orchestra aliumAmid endless seas of wannabes trapped in a quicksand composed of hollow and lifeless MIDI sequences, Submotion Orchestra have long stood out by a fair few light years. Their recordings consistently ooze warmth and a vital humanity – and Alium continues this trend in impressive and impactful fashion.

The opening Awakening evokes contemporary futureshock through anxiety-ridden shredded string lines wrapped in Kraftwerkian timbral colours, before Time Will Wait‘s sublime vocal blends with electronic elements to devastatingly sensual effect. From there we pass through the gentrified vibes of City Lights; Victim of Order‘s vocal enters over the rhythmic equivalent of a rickety rope bridge crossing a bottomless ravine; and Chrome Units‘ suspicious inquisitions send us racing for the relative safety of Rust‘s lyricised defence mechanisms. Next up come Life After‘s plodding bass and skittish beats; the windswept grooves of The Hounds and Trust/Lust; the delicate swells of Swan Song; the ultra-modern depths of Bring Back The Wolf; and the farewell-waving melancholic echoes of Worries. By the time it’s all done, I’m ready to take my breath back. That was intense.

Whether you’re a longtime Submotion Orchestra fan or just in need of something fresh and revitalising, rest assured that Alium has what you need, and is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

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Posted on 28 October 2014

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