CeCe – ‘Hawaii’ (Live At Zoo Orchestra) [Review]

cece logoAs a music blogger, I get through a lot of songs over the course of a day. Very few make it through to the point where I feel compelled to write about them – and 99% of the time this is because the songwriters and performers in question are either too afraid to really open up and express themselves, or haven’t developed to the point where they’re capable of getting the point across in the manner they obviously intend.

CeCe, however, is more than able to hit the mark from a technical perspective – but most importantly she’s not scared to get dark, deep, and vulnerable. That’s the difference between a decent song that I can appreciate and a spellbinding one that keeps me hooked – and suffice it to say that Hawaii is definitely a spellbinding song. Blending darkness, sultriness, and vulnerability into a four-and-a-half minute slice of alt-pop brilliance, at this point CeCe has become Surrey’s answer to Lana Del Rey…only perhaps even better.

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CeCe official website.

Zoo Orchestra official website.

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Posted on 16 September 2014

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