Darko – ‘Sea Of Trees’ [Review]

darko sea of treesAbout as raw as a Dirty Sanchez and Jackass marathon, Darko don’t let up for a second on Sea Of Trees. Even the cleaner sections are full of darkness, anxiety, and foreboding, while elsewhere mathy rhythms underpin vocals on the verge of falling apart and fuck-you guitars. To put it bluntly, Sea Of Trees is as sick as that puddle on the pavement you saw in town last Saturday night.

Favourite track Atlas To Atlantis does it all while Hanging Off A Memory skipssurges, and seethes; Timepieces & Lock-Shaped Hearts gets complex from the moment it comes in; second track Canthus Viewpoints takes a direct, plain-spoken lyrical approach while offering valuable advice to all those prone to looking backwards more than is healthy; and closing tune Seaward boasts epic harmony guitars and a leaves-you-wanting-more running time. Overall, there can be no doubt: Darko are here, and you’re going to listen.

At least, you will on September 8th…

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Posted on 24 August 2014

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